June 28, 2018  //  BY Team DataTree

How Mortgage Lenders Can Maintain Healthy Client Relationships

In a typical lifetime, a homebuyer will need an average of two home loans and a home equity line of credit. Some home-buyers may require even more. If that’s the case, then lenders have a great homeowner marketing opportunity ahead of them. 

Maintaining relationships is a highly effective form of homeowner marketing. Wouldn’t you as a lender rather keep in touch with your clients over time, rather than just doing the deal and moving onto the next one? You want to see how their investment is doing, how their family might be growing and how you might be able to play a part in lending for other family members, friends and colleagues. 

Your homebuyers may need refinancing, a home equity loan or maybe a new HELOC down the road. How you cultivate ongoing relationships with them, past the closing of the loan, can determine how you rank in your community, how your reputation grows and how often people consider you for future loans. Your connection to them will play a big part in their choice to work with you again.

Here are five recommendations for staying in touch with your clients beyond the closing of a loan:

Be Social on Social Media 

The use of social media has exploded in recent years. Interacting with friends, family members and brands has moved to posts and comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms on the web. If your clients are visible and active on social media, don’t be shy. As a lender, you can reach out and ask how they are, what their needs may be and what opportunities you have that they should be aware of.

Offer Current HELOC Data

Lenders should also keep homebuyers updated on current info and data on a home equity line of credit. It’s an easy process for you and your client. Generally, the required information is current home appraisal data and income verification. The easy application process and quick approval over a period of weeks can make your clients more open to a HELOC loan. 

With customized real estate data from DataTree, you can provide your clients the exact kind of sales comparables report that is useful and relevant to their needs, for either a single property or multiple properties. 

Send Birthday Wishes 

This seems like a no-brainer for many lending pros, but there are more lenders who don’t send a quick happy birthday reminder. By not doing so, you’re missing an opportunity to re-introduce your lending services, find out if your client’s needs may have changed in the past year, and open up a new line of communication to discuss lending opportunities.    

Remember That Time …?

Lenders meet clients all the time, in many situations. Maybe you met your client at your son’s baseball game, or perhaps at your daughter’s soccer game or ballet practice. How the initial connection was made is important to keep in the mind of the client. Take the time to call or email the client and remind them of the experience you both shared. 

When it’s appropriate, connect with your homebuyer at several points during the year. How you keep the client relationship going speaks volumes about your integrity and attention to detail.

Be a Gift-Giver

Another great way to maintain a healthy client relationship is through generous gift-giving. Clients should be like family members, remembered on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Think of how impressed your client will be when they receive small tokens of remembrance that show that you truly care about them and their home-buying experience.

What to give? Show that you care with a gift basket or food delivery, or give a gift related to the home. For example, if your client purchased a home with a pool, offer them a free pool cleaning or a beach ball at the beginning of summer, maybe even embroidered towels to use around the pool. 

Whatever you choose to send, keep it thoughtful. Express how much you appreciate their business and remind them to refer friends and acquaintances.  

Lenders should keep client relationships at the front and center of their business operation. Keeping on top of real estate trends and the latest data on new loans can help you get new opportunities to bring new loan opportunities to your clients. Contact your clients often and willingly. DataTree can help you with a customized data solution for all the pertinent real estate information you need to maintain those client relationships. Start your free trial today!

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