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Info to Include in Your Pamphlets for a More Successful Open House

As a realtor, you know you need to include essential property data in your real estate pamphlets, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the square footage and the asking price. However, to impress and attract as many potential buyers as possible, it is important to go beyond the general information and include as many specifics about the house and neighborhood as you can. To make your next open house legendary and sell your listings as quickly as possible, consider including the following info in your flyers:

Schools Say a Lot About a Neighborhood

Regardless of whether or not your buyers have children, school districts can still have a definite impact on a home’s value and desirability. In most areas, if the school district is outstanding, it will equate to a great neighborhood. And of course, if potential buyers are parents, knowing which school district the home is located in can sway their decision to purchase the property. Be sure to list the school district on the pamphlet. If it’s an award-winning district and/or has a number of A-plus schools, you should include that as well.

Proximity to Stores and Supermarkets Matters

While some of the people who attend your open house may live in the area, others might be from out of town. Including a list of area supermarkets that are in the neighborhood is especially helpful for prospective homebuyers who are not local; it can be reassuring to know that the house is close to stores. Those who do not wish to drive a long distance to shop for groceries may end up bidding on your house if they see that there are three or four supermarkets within a few miles.

Public Transit Info Is Handy for Commuters

If a potential buyer uses public transportation to get to work or school, knowing that a home is within close proximity to buses, trains and/or light rail can be a huge relief. Even if they do not rely on Park and Rides and other forms of public transportation, being aware that it is an option may be enough of a plus to influence buyers to place a bid on the home. If any of the transportation options include attractive features like Wi-Fi on the light rail be sure to include that in your pamphlet as well.

Buyers Often Ask About HOAs

For some potential buyers, they only want to purchase a home in a neighborhood that is run by a homeowner association. Even if people are not wild about the idea of an HOA, you should still include this info in your pamphlet — it will save you from answering the “Is there an HOA here?” question over and over and it may entice people to buy. HOAs usually involve paying monthly dues, a portion of which goes to keeping up common areas like parks and greenbelts and fitness centers. Be up front about the HOA information in your flyer and list the dues, as well as the name of the company that runs the HOA and any featured neighborhood amenities. For buyers who want to have an HOA, seeing this information on the flyer can help your property stand out among the competition.

Be Honest About Property Liens

It is essential that sellers disclose any property liens on the home that they are trying to sell. If this information is not disclosed, buyers could be in for a time-consuming court case before they can move into the home. If there is a lien on the property, it is best to be up front about it and putting this information on the flyer is a great place to start. On the flip side, if there is not a lien, you can list that as well.

Include Parcel Maps for Tax Info 

The local property tax office uses parcel maps and numbers to identify each home in the neighborhood for tax purposes. Including parcel maps and the specific parcel number on the flyer is a good idea; this way, people who visit the open house can look up the parcel on the local assessor website and see the property tax amount as well as other details on the property.

When it comes to your real estate pamphlets, less is definitely not more. Include all of the above information along with some snazzy photos of the property and, of course, your contact information, and you'll likely find that the open house goes more smoothly and the property sells faster than ever. Want access to all the real estate documents and data you need? Get in touch with DataTree today for a demo and free trial.

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