November 15, 2018  //  BY Team DataTree

Land Professionals: How Mobile Access to Maps Makes Your Job Simpler


In the real estate industry, time is of the essence. With over 4 in 10 homebuyers now beginning their property search online, stalling a sale increases the odds of stiff online competition stealing a buyer. Inman research shows that the odds of making contact with a prospect are high if a call is returned within five minutes, but after a half hour, a realtor is 100 times less likely to make a connection. 

Despite this time-urgency, many land professionals still use outdated traditional methods to access land records. This tedious procedure wastes time, and potentially risks losing home sales as prospective buyers become impatient with the process and begin looking elsewhere. 

Fortunately, there’s a faster way to do things. You can now instantly access land records by location or keyword and verify real estate data, all from within a single application. Here’s a look at how today’s technology can help you access vital data faster to save you time and boost your customer satisfaction.

Map Search, FlexSearch and Advanced Search: The Fast Way to Find Records by Location and Keywords

Search tools let you streamline the process of finding anything property-related, from researching a topic on Google to arranging an Uber ride. Using automated search tools can help you dramatically decrease the time it takes to retrieve property data, helping you respond more quickly to your clients.

Map Search streamlines the process of retrieving records for searches by property, APN, owner or custom search parameters. When you enter a search, your results are displayed both with a visual map and with accompanying text. You never have to leave your current search to use the map. Simply slide over your results to view a full-sized map of an individual listing, or slide back to return to your results. You can choose from road, satellite or combined views. You can also call up search results by clicking properties on the map. Interactive layers let you add details to maps, such as color coded pins showing which properties are for sale in an area. You can even select an area using an intuitive drawing tool and customize your results with features such as search filters.

FlexSearch gives you instant full text search access to billions of public documents nationwide. You can find all documents containing a search term, but you only pay for ordering the documents you actually need. You have the option of searching by full document text, county or state name, document type, or year or use advanced options to customize your search. FlexSearch is integrated into all searches, with results accessible through a user-friendly icon.

Advanced Search gives you access to even more fine-tuned, laser-focused search results. You have the option of using over 60 filters, grouped into categories by location, property characteristics, transaction, distressed properties, owner, home finance prediction scores and HOA liens. With a comprehensive array of search tools, all the property data you need is available instantly at the click of a button.

Property Reports, Document Images and Verified Records: Instant Access to Accurate Records

After you’re done doing a search, you’ll want to obtain accurate data about the property you’re researching. Search tools provide you with instant digital access to multiple forms of raw data, including property records and document images, with a verified records feature to ensure data accuracy. DataTree’s Property and Ownership Reports feature provides you with instant access to the reports you need, conveniently organized so you can select only the reports you need without sifting through the ones you don’t. Report options include:

  • True Legal and Vesting Report provides a recordable, manually keyed legal description, with all recorded deeds to show complete vesting of current owners
  • TotalView report provides vital decision-making data, including property, ownership, encumbrance information, market details and unique data unavailable elsewhere
  • Custom Property Profile Packages assembles a wide variety of professional reports and documents you can pass on to clients under your own brand name
  • Marital Property Report provides attorneys with a complete history of transactions and liens affecting real property
  • Flood Reports DataTree assists you with flood zone determination and helps you choose the best product for your property
  • Property Ownership & Encumbrance (O&E) reports provide manually-researched and verified property information that’s current and accurate
  • Conventional Appraisals Order quickly provides a conventional FNMA 1004 or 2055 appraisal in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Broker Price Opinion gives you accurate property values provided by an extensive panel of state licensed real estate agents and brokers
  • Property Inspections offers several different property inspection services from First American for alternative valuations, equity lending, or evaluating interior or exterior damage
  • Tax Status Report provides details on payment status of a parcel’s current-year real estate tax obligations and prior-year delinquencies, including status, frequency, type, and due dates, along with APN, legal description, situs and mailing address
  • HOA Lien Report delivers a concise yet complete summary of HOA lien activity
  • Open Lien Report provides complete details for open mortgage liens, as well as tax status and assessment details, plus current ownership and vesting information
  • Property Detail Report gives you a comprehensive view of a property, including characteristics, location, zoning, flood, owner vesting, last two market sales, mortgage recordings and basic tax information
  • Transaction History Report delivers comprehensive transaction history details including all ownership transfers, plus any mortgages
  • Sales Comparable Report gives you a quick view of current market and comparable sales information on up to 50 properties, as well as land use, flood zone code and assessed values of other nearby properties.
  • Foreclosure Report supplies essential information on properties at all stages of foreclosure and those subject to pending legal action
  • Title Chain and Lien Report offers the most complete search available of owners and properties, based directly on First American’s title plants
  • Multi-property Statistics Report summarizes 12 rolling months of dynamically calculated statistics for results of a multi-property search
  • Neighbors report lets you follow up on subject property research by learning more about nearby properties and their owners

Document Images and Retrieval capability is also included within DataTree’s platform. You can retrieve images from the nation’s largest database of digital public land records to access a single document or multiple documents spanning several properties. A dozen types of documents are available for search include conveyance deeds, mortgage assignments, federal and state liens and many more. You can also use an automated three-tier retrieval process that first searches digital records and then passes searches that aren’t found immediately for manual research and finally for county courthouse searches if necessary. DataTree® checks your records for accuracy, providing a Verified Records symbol on standard conveyances and mortgages that have been checked against multiple sources. DataTree is the only property-centric search tool that provides Verified Records assurance. DataTree’s platform provides you with all the tools you need for instant access to property search results as well as relevant documents and images associated with your search results. Find out more about how you can save you and your clients time searching property records and retrieving the documents you need with DataTree’s Land Services Solutions.


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