Property Map Search

See What You Search. Search What You See.

DataTree’s maps and standard search are always working together to provide you with both visual and text based representation of the results you are seeking. You are able to view your search results on the map while also being able to select properties from the map to view property details.

Automatic Map Results.        

When you perform a Property, APN, Owner or Custom Search, your results automatically appear on a map. This means you will never have to leave your current search to use the map.   

Your Search Won’t Slip with this Slide.

Easily slide your search results to view the map full screen. Slide the map back to return to your results.
Advanced FlexSearch

The Right Map View for You.

Choose the road, satellite or the combined Satellite with Roads option to obtain the view that works best for you.
The Right Map For You

Pick Your Properties
With Just A Click.

Simply click properties on the map to generate a list of properties. From there you can view the property details.
DataTree Just A Click
Available Map Layers

Interactive Information Layers.

Maps provide more insight when you add information layers that can instantly be added to the map.

Drawing Tools Provide Location Based Insight.

Intuitive drawing tools help you create shapes on the map to selectively choose properties with a clear view of nearby amenities such as parks, golf courses, shopping, schools and more.
The Right Map For You

Filters Refine the Properties in Your Shape.

Apply custom search filters and view the properties in the shape you created that match the criteria you selected in your custom filters. Properties that meet the Geographic, Characteristics and Transaction filter criteria you select instantly appear on the map for easy viewing.
Filter in the Shape