Search Real Estate Your Way.

DataTree provides the flexibility to work how you like to work by merging map, proximity, address, owner, APN, document and advanced search features into one lightning fast and seamless solution that enables you to search multiple properties at once.

One Search Experience.

All the search options you need are all right in front of you.

The Ever Present Search Bar.

With the search bar always present, you can always start a new search no matter where you are.
DataTree Search Bar

Search Down the Street or across the Nation.

Flexible search options provide you with the results you need – whether you are searching for an owner, a specific property or even nationwide. In fact, with DataTree, you have the power to search any property or owner anywhere across county and state lines instantly.
Down the Street or across the Nation
Search Billions of Recorded Documents

Search Recorded Documents With Ease.

Search and access the nation’s largest database of digital public land records.

Search All the Data Contained in Recorded Document Images with FlexSearch.

FlexSearch provides the power to search every word of text contained in recorded documents to instantly find any name, party, phrase or property. Using FlexSearch, you’ll discover more information than ever before. Learn More