The Mortgage Forbearance Indicator (MFI) is a module available through FraudGuard®.


The MFI monitors a consumer’s credit from application to closing to identify mortgage forbearance and alerts the processor and underwriter when new activity is found. Lenders can automate and streamline the process to quickly uncover undisclosed forbearance requests, shortening underwriting timelines and avoiding potential agency fees or unsaleable loans.


FraudGuard is a data-driven fraud and risk decision-support tool with over 20 unique modules and integrated solutions that helps lenders comply with regulations, improve the speed and efficiency of underwriting reviews, and increase loan quality while mitigating against potential risk. FraudGuard is fully compatible with all major Loan Origination Systems (LOS). 

Additional FraudGuard Verification and Monitoring Capabilities:

  • Identity and Occupancy Verification
  • Property Overview
  • Undisclosed Liabilities
  • Income and Employment
  • Compliance and Watchlist Review

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