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In the ever-changing housing market, lenders and financial institutions rely on First American Data & Analytics solutions at every step of the mortgage lifecycle including pre-qualification, borrower and property identification and verification, regulatory compliance, counter-party risk mitigation and post-closing. We combine over 100 years of expertise in property-centric data with advanced mortgage analytics to deliver end-to-end solutions that drive informed business decisions, create efficiencies, lower costs and fuel innovation.

Finding Qualified Borrowers

With the ability to instantly research properties, determine homeownership, verify valuations and gain fresh mortgage insights, lenders have the tools they need to identify borrowers who are most likely to transact within their portfolio, as well as, identify new, qualified prospects.

First American combines industry-leading homeowner, real estate, and mortgage data with proprietary home finance prediction scores to identify which homeowners are:

  • Prime prospects for refinance
  • Are most likely to purchase a new home
  • Candidates for a home equity or line of credit (HELOC)

Lender Market Insights

First American MarketView delivers instant market insights on competitive positions, enhances strategic opportunities and helps lenders win new business. Whether it is competitive analysis, targeting business development, sales rep performance or recruitment, First American MarketView increases effective decision making.

Learn more about MarketView here


Verifying identity, income and employment for every borrower on the loan application makes staying compliant for both the Dodd-Frank Act and Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative (LQI) income verification requirement easy.

First American helps you:

  • Reduce lending risk and mitigate mortgage fraud losses
  • Verify and validate 4506-T & 4506-C (Tax Transcript) and Social Security Numbers
  • Validate and uncover discrepancies for employment and income
  • Gain compliance with income verification requirements and regulations
  • Uncover previous application and loan discrepancies
Access via DataTree.com, FraudGuard® or integrate as an API.

Property Research and Review

Lenders can pair the powerful analytics of FraudGuard with the robust datasets in DataTree®, to uncover possible liabilities, verify property information and get real-time insights into debt-to-income (DTI) ratios. First American is your one source for property information and verification including:

First American is your one source for property information and verification including:

  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
  • Accurate property tax estimates
  • Liability Identification such as liens & judgments, Homeowners Association (HOA), FEMA disaster area, or other discrepancies
Learn more about our property fraud and verification here Learn more about our extensive property data and reports here

Compliance and Counter-Party Risk

Staying compliant and identifying risk at every step in the loan process is critical to ensuring you don’t run into issues at loan closing.

First American has a suite of compliance and counter-party risk solutions to help you:

  • Remain compliant with challenging new regulations
  • Eliminate common mistakes/discrepancies in the loan application
  • Reduce costs through streamlined review processes
  • Focus on core business objectives while mitigating risk
  • Inform critical decisions and align with the SAFE Act and other regulations
  • Run borrower information against industry and lender watchlists
  • Effectively manage counter-party risk (brokers, loan officers, appraisers, etc.) with due diligence reviews including license verifications, derogatory filings, industry watchlists, financial review, civil/criminal checks and more
Learn more about regulatory compliance and counter-party risk solutions here


Lenders need an efficient and hassle-free post-closing. With First American Data & Analytics post-close solutions, lenders can perform easy document retrievals, title and settlement services and ongoing portfolio monitoring.

Document Retrieval

Save time, boost productivity, streamline processes and increase profitability with DataTree’s Document Retrieval Services.

Some of the most requested missing documents at post-closing are:

  • Deeds of Trust
  • Assignments
  • Modifications
  • County Records
  • Judgments
Learn more about document retrieval services here

Title and Settlement

First American is the leading provider of title and settlement solutions. Lenders can automate and streamline title production, settlement and closing services, for a truly convenient experience.


Portfolio Monitoring

First American Data & Analytics enables lenders and servicers to manage their portfolios and continue to monitor them post-closing by proactively:

  • Uncovering new voluntary and involuntary liens
  • Alerting to new HOA liens, including in super lien states
  • Staying updated on properties in your portfolio listed for sale
Portfolio monitoring can be customized to your business needs. Learn more here

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