AppIntelligence® Suite - Detect fraud risk early in the lending process

First American® Data & Analytics AppIntelligence Suite is a single source for mortgage analytics solutions including fraud, verification and early payment default risk. Our solutions leverage public, private and proprietary data sources to help lenders streamline loan approval, mitigate risk, reduce costs and better target their reviews. First American’s proprietary consortium fraud data, gives lenders the solution - and an edge - in accurately uncovering fraud and misrepresentation.

The most trusted source for fraud protection

Fraud, Compliance and Verification Alerts

FraudGuard is a highly customized, comprehensive decision support tool designed to quickly and accurately flag multiple types of risk including fraud, compliance, identity risk and misrepresentation on every loan application, allowing underwriters to review and clear each alert.

Fraud and Early Payment Default Score

The AppIntelligence Score is an enterprise level mortgage fraud risk management solution for lenders with high volume transactions, that delivers a highly accurate overall risk score using machine learning to show the truest picture of fraud and early payment default.

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