Even the most successful businesses can leverage data-driven opportunities to improve — whether it’s enhanced market analysis, optimized lead generation or workflow process efficiencies. Achieve optimal results through a custom data solution designed for your business goals. Benefit from productivity improvement, competitive intelligence and actionable insights to make informed business decisions.


With the First American Data & Analytics Advanced Data Solutions (ADS), you have the power to identify, mix and match, and compile nationwide property, homeowner and document images - all from a single provider.

First American Data & Analytics data experts work directly with you to implement a custom solution that delivers the exact data to solve your business challenges. With the ability to support a variety of business verticals, sizes and objectives, we partner with you to fuel success.

ADS Advantages

  • Create custom search extracts 
  • Leverage a single provider for integrated & verified data
  • Reduce overhead costs and resources associated with in-house database administration
  • Leverage trusted data expertise with built-in data support and line-by-line dataset guidance
  • Utilize custom data solutions and logic one-time or on-going

We Make Our Data Work for You

Amid the growing size, complexity and diversity of real estate data, First American Data & Analytics Professional Services experts partner with customers to develop actionable data and analytics for business intelligence. 

Professional Services offers customized, hands-on, knowledge-based consulting for: 

  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Clarification
  • Data Training
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Reporting
  • Database Building
  • ROI Calculations

Data Expertise + Largest Public Record Database + Targeted Data Delivered Your Way

= Competitive Market Advantage 


Are you proactively protecting your loan portfolio assets? Portfolio Surveillance solutions from First American Data & Analytics can help. After reviewing your portfolio of loans, our team of data experts build custom data output with monitoring solutions based on your selected risk triggers. With alerts to notify you of relevant changes in your holdings, you can actively manage portfolio risk and drive timely business decisions.


When the lien status of properties in your portfolio changes, First American Data & Analytics are here to keep you up-to-date. Our data experts provide transparent views of lien activities on your properties that can introduce risk — from the presence of additional voluntary liens to HOA liens (especially in super-lien states). Continuously evaluating the performance, value and position of liens enables you to identify troubled loans faster and take action to preserve the health of your portfolio.


With custom Match & Append, your data becomes even stronger. Combining our current, accurate property-centric data with your in-house assets produces deeper, data-driven insights and analytics that eliminate guesswork and empower you to compete with more confidence and purpose. Our data experts will conduct extensive searches of external databases, county websites and our nationwide field research network to fill information gaps tied to real estate listings, transaction history, property characteristics and delinquency data.


Successful marketing begins and ends with data — and we’re proud to offer data-driven solutions that support these efforts. With vast filter and segmentation options, our team of data experts can organize the ideal marketing list for your next lead generation campaign. Whether you’re targeting current homeowners or foreclosure properties, a well-defined marketing list will help you utilize your marketing budget in the most cost-effective and impactful way.

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