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Accurate, real-time real estate data delivery drives actionable business intelligence and analytics. With First American Data & Analytics, businesses depend on the nation’s most comprehensive multi-sourced, verified real estate data – across property, homeownership and mortgage information – delivered how and when they need it.


First American Data & Analytics offers several custom solutions – unique data combinations, multiple data formats, flexible delivery channels and publishing frequencies – to provide real-time mortgage and real estate lifecycle analytics and insights that drive informed decisions.

100% Nationwide Real Estate Database
Delivered How You Want It, When You Want It

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Property Data APIs
Integrate Data Directly Into Your Programs

Instantly connect your business workflow to First American Data & Analytics’ nationwide database of properties, mortgages, automated valuation models (AVMs) and recorded document images through streamlined, enterprise-level API access. Leverage the nation’s largest real estate database to streamline mortgage processes, improve customer experience and reduce costs through a single, integrated JSON-based real estate API delivery channel.

Bulk Data Licensing

Bulk Data Licensing
Customizable, Highly Accurate Property Datasets

When licensing First American Data & Analytics data, customers benefit from standardized complex raw input data into a consistent format across all nationwide geographies. Leverage convenient delivery options – FTP and cloud service – for real estate data, recorded documents and property reports.

Customers can license the entire real estate database or targeted subsets to capture new business, innovate with confidence and develop actionable business intelligence.

Bulk Licensing Datasets:
  • Public Record Data
  • Homeowners Association (HOA)
  • Spatial Data
  • Modeled Data
  • Listing Data
The First American Data & Analytics Difference:
  • Enhanced data collection
  •  Proprietary title plants
  • Validated through multiple sources
  • Flexible legal grant of license
  • Customizable data layouts
  • Fast and accurate data delivery
Advanced Data Solutions

Advanced Data Solutions
Enlist The Industry's Top Data Experts

Achieve optimal results through a custom data solution designed for your business goals. First American Data & Analytics experts work directly with you to implement a highly targeted solution that delivers the exact insights to solve you need.

  • Create custom search extracts delivered via email or FTP
  • Leverage a single provider for integrated & verified data
Best-In-Class Property Research Technology

With, obtaining property data is faster and easier than ever before. Outfitted with the latest technologies and innovative search tools, our self-service web platform provides instant access to the largest database of multi-sourced property and homeowner information. DataTree’s features like FlexSearch, maps and advanced search work together to provide you with precision and flexibility to search all of the text contained in billions of public record documents.

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Cloud Delivery
Access Property Data Where You Work

Get direct and real-time access to First American’s industry leading property datasets through First American's cloud capabilities. Access rapid and advanced insights and analytics, in your secure and trusted cloud environment.

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