AppIntelligence Score™
A.I. is in our DNA

AppIntelligence Score is designed to help high volume lenders better identify fraud risk and potential early payment default in mortgage loan applications

Higher volume lenders need a better fraud monitoring tool that helps them streamline loan approval and focus their efforts on the loans  at the highest risk for fraud.



Cutting Edge Technology – Transforming How You Review Fraud

AppIntelligence Score is an innovative, enterprise level fraud risk tool that uses artificial and natural intelligence (Ai+Ni), paired with smart analytics. This innovative technology is coupled with our proprietary fraud database, to uncover what factors are high contributors for fraud. The result is a highly accurate risk score that delivers the truest picture of where fraud and early payment default are most likely to occur.

Mortgage Fraud Risk

AppIntelligence Score analyzes millions of alerts cleared by underwriters, feeding that information back into the model, making AI Score one of the most sophisticated models on the market.

Built and trained on millions of historic applications of known fraud.

  • 7.6 million alerts are analyzed and fed back into the model for the most accurate picture of fraud
  • The model is powered by First American’s proprietary and consortium fraud data
  • The AI Score runs several proprietary sub-models including synthetic identity, income, employment, Early payment default (EPD), third party risk and undisclosed liabilities
  • It can be used to retro score and run on a lender portfolio, to identify which loans would have been flagged as fraud
  • The model can be customized and tuned to the lender's risk tolerance level

More than 50% of fraud and early payment default can be uncovered in just 10% of all loans

Helps Banks reduce their manual review
rates to as low as 5%

Lenders with high volumes need the ability to streamline low-risk loans, review high-risk and determine based
on their personal risk threshold which mid-risk loans to review.

Reduce Manual Reviews

Work smarter, not harder. Reduce manual review targets from 50 percent to as low as reviewing 3 to 5 percent of applications that represent real risk.


Streamline Loan Approvals

Create high, medium and low risk swim lanes with dynamic reason codes, to expedite low risk loans for better pull through and more profitable underwriting.


Cost Effective

Lenders can run the low-cost model instantly for pre-screening and pre-approvals.


Mitigate Risk

Data-driven modeling score helps lenders identify previously undetectable risk, by creating score-based thresholds to predict potential EPD and fraud risk based on historical factors.

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