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Comprehensive, multi-sourced and verified datasets, backed by the industry’s foremost data experts, give First American Data & Analytics the most expansive and highest quality data in the industry. Our solutions are powered by pairing mortgage loan-level datasets with our proprietary property data, that spans 100% of the US housing market.


Deepest and most comprehensive property, mortgage and title data


#1 in the industry for full national coverage of all major US housing market data assets


The most current and up-to-date data sets available


Validated and verified data quality checks

Delivery Channels

Multiple delivery channels including online, data licensing, match and append, API and reports

Data Leadership

Quality, Completeness, Accuracy and Currency

Our broad and innovative datasets demonstrate our commitment to a comprehensive data strategy. With the deepest title data assets in the industry – the best information on ownership – and the largest collection of public record documents, First American Data & Analytics empowers customers to make informed data-driven business, compliance, and risk decisions.

Time and again, customers choose us because they see
firsthand the data difference.



Assessment data covers 100% of U.S. counties. Approximately 150 million property records, with more than 200 attributes available



For more than 50 years, our roots are in title plant data management services which requires the utmost data quality where 100% of documents in each county are collected, indexed, and verified.



Extensive data, including the mortgage rate, ARM index, rider types (balloon, prepayment, PUD, multi-family, second home), due dates, financing types, and lender names



We are driven to explore all of the proprietary data we collect across the First American family of companies and the public record data we acquire either directly or through third parties in order to expand our offerings and improve our data quality

First American was the first property data provider to achieve 100% coverage of the nation's property inventory.

We continue to maintain this coverage on a daily basis, while creating value-added data assets such as the Home Owners Association, Master Address and Loan Balance Estimate data sets.


Using proprietary, patented technology, AI and machine learning, First American Data & Analytics collects, extracts and curates massive amounts of property-related data, such as mortgages, deeds, assignments, liens, etc. Unlike most real estate data providers who key only certain fields, the First American proprietary process captures every data element on every document.


Unmatched Expertise & Resources

Our skilled team of data solution experts, whose collective experience building, curating and growing the industry’s largest public record database coupled with their expertise in developing new technologies is unmatched in the industry. We have the broadest data coverage, the most knowledgeable workforce, and we leverage multiple assets for the highest quality and most effective solutions.


Our continued investments in data, technology and people have helped our customers succeed and made First American the property, homeownership and mortgage information solution that lenders and servicers depend on – from customer acquisition and underwriting to post-close, servicing and capital markets.”

Data Options

Tax & Assessment

Tax & Assessment 

When you need to understand real property within a county, state or even the nation, First American’s data experts do the work of collecting, analyzing and quality checking the data so you can focus on leveraging the tax assessor data that can include:

  • Real property ownership names
  • Mailing address
  • Physical location (including, address, legal description, municipality)
  • Assessed property values
  • Related tax amounts
  • Property types
  • Land use codes
  • Building characteristics (including bedrooms, baths, square footage)
  • Lot descriptors (such as acreage, slope type and sewer system)
County Recorder Data


Leverage recorded transaction data that include events that are recorded against a property or person such as:

  • Deed Transfers
    • Market Sales
    • Quitclaims
    • REO
    • Auction
    • Trust Transfers
  • Mortgages
    • Purchase
    • Refinance
    • Home Equity
    • Reverse
    • Modification
    • Subordinations
    • Pre-foreclosure Filings
    • Foreclosures
    • Mortgage Releases 
    • Mortgage Assignments
Real Estate Listings


Real estate listing data provides rich details on the features of a home to give you a complete view of a property, market trends and buyer behaviors.

  • Property Location
  • Property Characteristics
  • Nearby Schools
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Utilities
  • Listing Price – Max, Min, Sold
  • Listing Status
  • Days on Market
Logic Applied Property Data


By applying calculations to a data set, First American delivers intelligent data that matches your needs. Examples include:

  • LTV / CLTV
  • Equity dollar and %
  • Total open liens
  • Loan to Value (LTV/CLTV)
  • Arms’ Length Determination
  • Lien Priority
  • Conforming Status
Involuntary Lien


Understanding Liens: Voluntary vs. Involuntary

A property lien is an encumbrance on the property that acts as security for creditors in case their debtors fail to make necessary payments. Voluntary liens tend to be more of a preliminary measure, requiring both the crediting and borrowing party to agree to terms, like a mortgage.

An involuntary lien is a financial hold or legal claim by a third party, like building service companies, lenders, or the government, to secure money owed to them  as a result of some detrimental action or inaction act.


Personal Liens:

  • State and Federal tax liens (including IRS liens)
  • Personal judgments
  • Divorce (ownership awarded to one spouse of the marital home)
  • Support judgement (unpaid child or spousal support)
  • Abatement 
  • Bankruptcy

Property Liens:

  • Mechanic's or Construction liens
  • Utilities
  • UCC filing (uniform commercial code)
  • City and County liens
  • Special Assessments
Home Owner Association / COA

Home Owner Associations and Co-Op Associations Contact Information & Lien DATA

Access nationwide HOA information, with 99% coverage in all 50 states. HOA lien data also available nationwide, particularly super lien states. Available HOA data includes:

  • HOA Name (s)
  • HOA Fee Type (s)
  • HOA Fee (value)
  • HOA Fee Frequency
  • HOA Contact (s)
  • HOA Contact Type
  • Contact (Name, Address, Phone & Email)

Learn more about HOA information and liens. 



Proprietary spatial datasets including:

  • Master Address: links one parcel to multiple mailable addresses and/or units, providing all the mailable addresses and/or units.
  • FA True Rooftop Geo Codes: calculated at the center of the roof using satellite imagery, this provides the most accurate point

And other spatial data features including:

  • Parcel Boundaries
  • Building Footprints
  • Estimated Usable Lot Size
  • House Facing Direction
  • Distance from Points of Interest
Property Valuation


When you need property values for your data file, then choose the valuation data set to provide you with:

  • Estimated low value
  • Estimated high value
  • Final value
  • Value ranges
  • Value confidence
  • Comps used in valuation calculation
  • HPI & Market Trends
Propensity Scores


Stay ahead of the competition, and maintain customer loyalty, using these scores to determine the propensity, or likelihood of borrowers taking certain actions.

First American data combines industry-leading homeowner, real estate, and mortgage data with proprietary home finance prediction scores to indicate which homeowners are your prime prospects for refinance, purchase or home equity lending, and now, for default. 

  • Propensity to Default Intel Score
    Using a variety of financial indicators including equity, loan type, ownership, and past foreclosure history get more insight than a simple payment or credit history can reveal. The proprietary model scores each property from 0 – 500. The higher the score the more likely that there will be a default within 1 year.
  • Refi Intel Score
    Borrowers who are likely to refinance in the next 3-4 months. The Refi Intel score can be generated for FHA, conventional and cash-out refinance.
  • Equity Intel Score
    Provides an indication of which homeowners are likely to apply for a home equity loan or HELOC within the coming months.
  • Purchase Intel Score
    Identify homeowners who are likely to sell their current property and obtain a new mortgage in 3-4 months.
PACE Liens


Multiple industry-leading data sources all working together to deliver an overall picture of the property, tax status, lien details and more. PACE loans in the DataTree databases are linked to the property, connecting them to other voluntary and involuntary liens for a more accurate Combined Loan-to-Value (CLTV) calculation and deeper understanding of the owner's property-related debt.


Learn more

School Data

Schools Report

Our Schools Report gives detailed information about the public school assignments for a property, includes student demographics, proficiency testing scores and state ranking.
Neighborhood Data

Neighbors Report

Once you zero in on a subject property and want to learn more about the nearby properties and their owners, the Neighbors Report will fill you in. You’ll have access to owner names, occupancy and property details.
Flood Data

Floor Report & Data

DataTree can guide you through ordering a flood zone determination and help you choose the best product for your property. You can choose between and order Basic Flood, Life-of-Loan.

Additionally get access to FEMA Flood indicators such as Flood Zone, Map Date, and Flood Special Hazard Area flag.

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