Automated Valuation Model
Created with the Lender in Mind

It’s essential for lending professionals to obtain accurate and timely snapshots of home values.
First American DataTree AVM can provide a quick lender-grade property value estimate.

Not All AVMs Are Created Equal

The DataTree AVM delivers on 3 key factors a lender looks for; consistent results, high
accuracy and a low-cost solution.


Discover the full suite of benefits when using First American DataTree AVM:

  • Consistent results
  • Multi-sourced and verified data
  • Accurate, industry standard confidence scores
  • Instant online ordering
  • Low cost vs other valuation solutions
  • Reduced human error
  • Comprehensive coverage

First American Advanced AVM Methodologies and Confidence Scores

  • Ensemble modeling approach, combines several industry standard modeling techniques
  • Valuation based on property comparables, features, historical home values and listing data
  • Statistically well-defined metric (Forecast Standard Deviation) for confidence, that remains consistent across vendors and models
  • Testing performed on data that is representative of your experience, mirroring the geographical footprint and the property types of your business

AVMs Are Only as Good as the Data on Which They Are Built


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