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Home Price Index (HPI) Reports

The report tracks home price changes at the national, state and metropolitan (Core-Based Statistical Area) levels and includes a 12-month forecast. It also includes the industry’s only price tier analysis that analyzes home price changes at the metro level segmented by three price tiers: starter tier, mid-tier and luxury tier.

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Home Price Index (HPI) Trend

Visualize national housing market value trends with the last 5 full years' worth of Home Price Index data. Build and download trendlines comparing different regions' Home Price Indices, standardized to a common starting point in history.

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Home Price Index (HPI) Heatmap - National

Visualize YoY changes in national housing market value through a home price index heatmap. Get a snapshot of how the changes in each state's Home Price Index compare to one another. Manipulate the range of years used to build the visualization, and see up to five years' worth of differences in home price indices.

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Median Home Sale Price Heatmap

A year's worth of national median home sale prices across the 50 states, displayed in a heatmap. Speak with a representative about the data coverage details.