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First American Data & Analytics Data Now Available On Snowflake® Data Marketplace

March 30, 2021  //  BY First American

Availability of highly curated property information from First American Data & Analytics in Snowflake Data Marketplace makes it easier for data consumers to leverage the industry’s largest property and ownership dataset to drive advanced insights, reduce risk, build new analytics and power innovation.

Cloud Delivery. Robust Curated Industry-Leading Data. Award-Winning Service & Expertise. Data Management Efficiency

First American’s cloud delivery capabilities, via Snowflake Data Marketplace, provides customers direct and near real-time access to several uniquely curated, comprehensive, data packages derived from First American’s industry-leading property information assets, reducing the time, cost and overall effort of data acquisition.

The First American data packages available on Snowflake aid users in quickly turning data into insights with real property information -  including property tax information, robust deed and mortgage history, homeowner’s association (HOA), automated valuations and geographic trended data, provided in linked data assets. Through data enrichment services on Snowflake Data Marketplace, users also have the ability to comingle their own information with First American assets fueling advanced insights and competitive advantages for their businesses.

The five initial datasets in Snowflake include:

Property Data Snapshot

The “DNA” of the property (tax), current ownership and encumbrances (mortgage), HOA and recent Flood/FEMA indications. Analyze property characteristics for a given market, open liens and equity, identify properties in owner’s associations and more.

Delinquent Mortgage Insights

Gain a comprehensive view of properties in a delinquent or pre-foreclosure status, identify properties with unpaid mortgage amounts in default, review properties set for auction in a given geography, or analyze vacant condominiums in early foreclosure status.

Real Estate Historical Intelligence

Robust deed and mortgage history at the property level - enabling  users to research properties with adjustable-rate mortgages, review historical interest rates at the property-level, develop models based on arm’s length property transactions.

New Neighbor Intel

Data for all home sales transacted in the prior month, identifying new homeowners and underlying data in any geography and zero-in on direct marketing opportunities based on recent home sales.

Property Trends

Property sales, mortgage, delinquency and listing trends data from nationwide to zip code level, providing insights on home price movements, delinquency trends and saturation rates at the market-level.

For more information read our press release or visit https://dna.firstam.com/snowflake-data-marketplace


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