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3D Imagery Will Change How We View Real Estate

November 09, 2021  //  BY First American Data & Analytics


There’s an old adage that says “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And for most of human history, that picture was a two-dimensional depiction using a drawing, still photography, or since the mid-20th century - a traditional TV screen. Over the past generation, our world has moved at an accelerated rate to seeing things in a new perspective using 3-D imagery. From animation and video game graphics to holograms, 3-D screens and projectors, and virtual reality, 3-D is enabling us to experience and deeply understand what an object looks like from a 360-degree view.
And now, 3-D can be used to more deeply understand and experience an individual real estate parcel and the surrounding area. First American Data & Analytics has added advanced 3-D mapping functionality to DataTree®, its industry-leading real estate research solution. DataTree is the first and only real estate research site that can provide this level of visualization, as well as the deepest property and ownership detail needed to make sound investment, valuation, marketing and planning decisions.

The new functionality gives users enhanced visualization capabilities for 150 million residential properties. The 3-D enhancement will make DataTree even more useful to appraisers, real estate investors, builders, utility companies and surveyors for a variety of determinations such as viewing if a lot’s contours and terrain is buildable, or not; or if the slope and elevation of a property could lead to higher exposure of damage due to rain runoff, slides, or fallen trees.

DataTree has always provided a wide range of actionable information on properties ̶ owner’s name, valuation, APN, parcel and plot lines, flood zones, etc. ̶ as well as deep detail on ownership, taxes and liens. Visually, however, DataTree users could only overlay this information against 2-D satellite imagery.  With this new enhancement, users can access 360-degree views of properties and surrounding areas by tilting or rotating the satellite imagery to get a better understanding of the contours and elevation of the property's terrain. Users will also be able to search single or multiple properties; compare 2-D and 3-D views; select different information overlays, such as parcel lines and flood zones; and use scaling, compass and pin features to orient themselves and expedite searches.

About DataTree
DataTree delivers the property-centric intelligence that more than 40,000 professionals in the mortgage, real estate and land services industries require to make informed business decisions. It is built on the industry’s largest database of property and homeowner information and document images, spanning 99 percent of U.S. housing stock and including more than 7 billion recorded document images.

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