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How to Reach Your Target Market Amid Social Distancing

November 16, 2020  //  BY Team DataTree

While the real estate market is always in flux, this year has been historically transformative and trying for real estate professionals. As consumer households feel the hardships of an economic downturn in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, mortgage lenders and other service providers are under pressure to preserve capital as well as provide homeowners with proactive support to rise above the competition.

When it comes to these initiatives, an important piece of the puzzle is a well-defined strategy for reaching your target market. The more efficiently a business can define their target market and reach them with relevant offers, the fewer unnecessary costs they’ll spend on marketing efforts and the better service they’ll be able to provide to homeowners.

One solution that helps real estate professionals do just that is DataTree Lists…

Fuel Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition with DataTree Lists

Launched by First American earlier this year, DataTree Lists is a powerful marketing list solution for marketers, lead consultants and list brokers. Using best-in-class data from the industry’s most trusted source of real estate information, DataTree Lists allows customers to quickly create customized lead lists for target markets across various stages of the homeownership life cycle. These lists can be either self-generated or developed by DataTree Lists fulfillment specialists.

With the goal of helping customers build highly targeted marketing lists, DataTree Lists features advanced segmentation options — examples of which include propensity scoring, new movers listing status, propensity scoring, tax/forbearance status, and loan/refinancing specifications. While this level of customization helps customers find their prime target audience, search query adjustments can be made to ensure that results coincide with the desired count for a marketing campaign or the number of properties that fit within a campaign’s budget.

Quick counts, saved searches, robust suppression options and easy file delivery further add to the flexibility and the convenience of the DataTree Lists solution.

One Solution That Serves Multiple Industries

While DataTree Lists can help real estate professionals and mortgage providers reach their target audience, the benefits of this solution extend to other markets as well. From the retail industry to tax and legal services, modern marketing professionals who value high-quality real estate data can put DataTree Lists to use in boosting the efficiency of their marketing strategies and budgets. The end result is a competitive advantage and the fuel to win new business.

Ready to see what DataTree Lists can do for you? Contact us today to take the next step.


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