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Real Estate Portfolio Management Strategy That Really Works

September 23, 2020  //  BY Team DataTree

Real estate portfolio management is a critical part of any business that features a nationwide portfolio of properties. When a business is managing that type of a portfolio, maintaining a complete and accurate view of these properties can be difficult for a number of reasons. Those reasons include but are not limited to the following:

  • Disparate real estate
  • Property tax groups
  • Mergers and acquisitions, ongoing property purchases
  • Sales, an interest in adjacent properties

In some cases, it’s not just one of these factors that’s to blame — it’s a combination. With the help of First American Data and Analytics professional services, businesses can effectively identify, consolidate and track their portfolio of real estate properties. Pairing high-quality data with industry expertise, we build and launch proprietary solutions to modernize our customers’ real estate portfolio management strategy.

Let’s use an industry example to show our real estate portfolio management services in action.

Real Estate Portfolio Management for a Large Energy Producer

Amid mergers and acquisitions with other energy producers — each with their own property portfolio and non-ownership interest (like mineral rights) — a large energy producer has found it increasingly hard to manage and track their portfolio properties due to disparate real estate and property tax groups. Further complicating this situation is the fact that real estate groups are continuing to buy and sell properties.

While DataTree offers a comprehensive set of professional services to cover almost any public record need, here are a few examples of how our services could streamline portfolio tracking in this case.

Data Ingestion

Rather than have to move between different sources to access relevant data, the team at DataTree can provide a full nationwide public record extract of the information you need. In this instance, the energy producer could easily access assessor, sales and open lien data from a single database — helping them see the bigger picture and save time and labor on research.

Data Management

Data is worth the most to businesses when it is both current and accurate. That’s why DataTree applies best practices to ensure this for our customers. We could send collected data to the energy producer within five business days, with daily updates moving forward, and provide guidance to third parties (as needed) on how to effectively manage data moving forward as well.

Data Cleansing

While there is plenty of valuable data inside existing real estate portfolios, the DataTree team strives to use this as a seed for building a more complete set of owned properties. In addition to assessor parcel information like APN and owner name, our professionals could also extract other details like last sale and mortgage information to suit the energy producer’s exact needs.

Data Consultation

Businesses are trying to solve unique challenges — and the professionals at DataTree know how to connect these challenges to data. With over 50 years of experience in the field, we can help guide the energy producer on what public record data would be both necessary and useful to address their specific needs. This may uncover new insights that propel new opportunities.

Our Data Experts Are Ready to Work With You

At DataTree, we aren’t just passionate about providing the widest breadth and depth of property data to customers. We’re passionate about making sure our data works seamlessly for them.

As the size, complexity and diversity of data continues to grow, the experts at DataTree are here to help businesses navigate through the noise and achieve their goals. We work with customers across various industries to define relevant data sets, bridge any gaps in technical requirements and maximize the full potential and insights of acquired data to boost their bottom line.

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