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Empower Your Loan Portfolio Decisions
with Enhanced Data and Insight

As a credit union or loan servicer, you want to take care of your members and your customers — especially during times of  hardship. With the help of mortgage portfolio data and surveillance from DataTree by First American, you can discover the  insights, liabilities and opportunities existing within your loan portfolio and turn critical lien information into action. DataTree’s  lien surveillance solutions are fueled with data and backed by economists and data specialists with extensive experience in understanding the evolving conditions that may impact your lending and servicing business. Your loan portfolio will be  healthier, and your clientele will be more satisfied.

A Snapshot of the Data & Insights You Can Expect

With DataTree’s portfolio monitoring solutions, you can proactively analyze the performance, value and position of liens for loans in your portfolio. You’ll also have the means to detect the presence of an HOA lien, as well as stay up-to-date on if properties in your portfolio are listed for sale. With any monitoring solution you select, we’ll clean up your addresses with our address standardization and matching process.

See What Benefits & Opportunities Await with Our Portfolio Surveillance Solutions

Mortgage (Voluntary Lien)

The addition of other voluntary liens may increase the risk to your lien. With ongoing monitoring to detect the presence of additional mortgages, you can maintain a clear and proactive view of these additional liens, and thus better anticipate and manage this risk.

Lien Position

When monitoring voluntary liens, it’s also possible to determine current lien positions. This is important as changes in the lien position significantly increase the performance risk of the first lien. Lien position monitoring allows you to easily spot position changes that need to be reported to investors and regulators.

Homeowners Association (HOA)

Proactive HOA lien monitoring enables businesses to gain an edge in super-lien states — where an HOA lien can supersede the first mortgage and even foreclose on a property, extinguishing the first lien — and oversee pre-foreclosure activity to make the right decisions to preserve assets. Field abstractors help complete HOA lien monitoring for properties outside the existing database.

Real Estate Listings

At any time, 2% to 4% of a loan servicing portfolio may be listed for sale. Scanning your portfolio for properties listed for sale (with insights into the original listing date and listing sales price) will allow you to know this ahead of time and properly forecast for pending payoffs. You’ll minimize the impact of the lost interest by getting a targeted list of borrowers who are in the market for a new loan.

"We have established a new product offering for our partner clients. We have a department for lien risk resolution to help protect our clients' risk and allow them to maintain their interest in the properties located in super-lien states. Without DataTree, we would not have been able to roll out this service to our current clients."

Regional Vice President of Leading Lender-Placed Insurance Provider

Protecting Your Loan Portfolio Is a Simple Process

It takes just three steps to actively monitor and protect your portfolio.

1 Input-icon


Send our data experts your portfolio of loans and our data experts will get to work.

2 Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Activities that affect properties in your loan portfolio are tracked and monitored for you.

3 Alert-icon

Portfolio Alert

Notifications are sent at your preferred frequency to alert you of changes in your holdings.

Additional Solutions to Serve Your Business

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

With PACE loan monitoring, you can discover if a PACE loan is present on a residential property and determine the combined loan-to-value. Multiple data sources, including First American’s title plants, provide PACE data with more insights than single-source providers. From these insights, you can target market a refinance loan offer to the owner at a rate lower than the PACE loan

Lost Lead Analysis

Interested to see where the leads from the marketing programs you worked hard to generate ended up? Lost lead analysis can provide you with those answers. You’ll be able to see which lender captured/converted your lead, with all of the loan details provided.

Payoff Analysis

Retaining the loans in your portfolio is critical, so when loans pay off, we give you the intel to understand why. Through payoff analysis, you can identify if a property sold to engage with the seller on their new purchase along with the new owner. And if a customer refinanced, you can see what opportunity you could have embraced to retain their business, such as identifying when the property value increases for equity opportunities.

The Perfect Solution

Start Delivery Optimization

As an always-included bonus, all portfolio lien monitoring starts with address matching, so you know the initial hit rate that can be used as a foundation to monitor and improve. For delivery, we can match and append the insight to your loan portfolio, deliver the data via the DataTree API or provide you with a file for you to leverage the data as you see fit.

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