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MBA NewsLink: Jon Wierks Shares His Insights into the Future of AVMs

May 11, 2023  //  BY Jon Wierks

It’s no secret that AVMs have been widely used by lenders for decades. And these versatile tools are aligning well with a variety of market needs this year and beyond. In tough market cycles (like the one we are currently in), clients are seeking ways to cut costs and accelerate decision making to compete for the business that is still out there. But… what does that look like?

Jon Wierks, vice president, analytics, for First American Data & Analytics recently shared his insights into the future of AVMs with MBA NewsLink. In this brief interview, Jon explores new and expanded ways that AVMs can be used. Gain insights into the “new, new” things for AVMs in 2023 and beyond, and how they can best perform in a changing real estate market.

Read the Interview on MBA NewsLink

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