Benefit from the Intelligence of HOA Information and HOA Lien Data

For quality control purposes, many business professionals need to know whether a property belongs to a homeowners association (HOA), as well as if there are HOA liens on the property. Access to accurate, comprehensive HOA information and HOA lien data provides clear answers to these questions. This in turn mitigates risk, preserves assets and scales business success.

Hoa Information

Homeowner association data is notoriously difficult to acquire and use: with too few and often disparate providers, limited ways to access the available data and numerous challenges when it comes to getting the data in a format that is usable in your workflow.

First American has been gathering homeowner and condo association data and liens in our title research and insurance databases for decades. Now you can access this robust HOA database that covers all 50 states and over 2,300 counties nationwide to find and leverage HOA data that you can trust.

Select from Multiple Data Options

First American's HOA data information may include:

  • Property Location
  • HOA Name (s)
  • HOA Fee Type (s)
  • HOA Fee (value)
  • HOA Fee Frequency
  • HOA Contact (s)
  • HOA Contact Type
  • Contact (Name, Address, Phone & Email)

HOA Data In Every State…
Including The Super Lien States

Access to national, accurate HOA data from a single vendor is not only convenient, it is necessary. Our data can help you to understand potential HOA assessment liens in the super lien states where these liens may receive a higher priority over even the first-mortgage holder.

With First American's data, you'll have the Super Lien States covered:
  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia

Mortgage lenders and servicers will benefit from instantly knowing the HOA dues associated with properties in their portfolio, so that they can keep track of how much each property owes per month.


Get More Than Just HOA Data

When you choose data from First American, you’ll get more than just a spreadsheet, download or transfer of data. You’ll benefit from:

  • More data fields and options compared to other vendors (e.g. up to 4 HOA’s per property)
  • More property insight compared to similar data available through public record sources
  • Regular data updates
  • Standardized data across the nation
  • Experts who are obsessed with data!

HOA Data Provides the Answers Professionals Need

Here are just a few examples of how First American's HOA data can be leveraged...

Mortgage Lenders

Discover which properties belong in an HOA to determine collateral risk and impound account requirements — especially in super lien states.

Attorneys / Legal Professionals

Access the names and contact information for homeowner associations to identify potential clients to represent or use the data to assist homeowners who may have a case against the HOA.

Property Management Companies

Attract and target new business for your property management services by identifying HOA’s that you want to represent.

Title and Settlement Services

Gain a complete picture of a property and its liabilities for closing. Quickly determine: (1) if a property is in an HOA, (2) monthly HOA dues, (3) if there is a lien filed due to delinquent dues and (4) who the HOA contact is to confirm any of the dues or pay off delinquent dues.


So, just how will you use First American’s HOA data? We are looking forward to finding out.

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HOA Data at Your Service

Getting HOA Data Ready to Work for You is Easy as One, Two or Three…


License First American’s entire HOA database or just specific data sets


Provide the addresses for a portfolio of properties and we will append HOA data to each property


Pull HOA data on a single property at a time with the TotalView report available in DataTree.com


Save time and Resource with Instant Access to HOA Contact Information

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HOA lien data from First American is the only resource you need to research, locate and neutralize HOA lien risk nationwide — on a single property or a portfolio of any size.

Powered by First American’s industry-leading title databases, HOA lien data is assembled and matched from multiple sources, giving you a complete HOA lien solution that delivers critical lien data, association contact details and property and ownership information from one source.

HOA Lien Data Options Include:

  • Document Number & Types
  • Property Owner Name & Address
  • Recording Date
  • Lien Amount
  • HOA/Management Firm Contact Info
  • Lawyer Name & Address  (email & phone if available)
  • Auction Date (if available)
  • Case Number

Access HOA Lien Data the Way You Need It

First American makes HOA lien data available the way you need it — online, in bulk, matched and appended to your portfolio, or leveraged via our data experts for full-service portfolio monitoring.


The First American Advantage

HOA liens in First American’s database use a unique reference ID, which connects the lien to other filings related to the HOA. So you know exactly which liens need action or monitoring, and which are already resolved. Each HOA lien links to related filings, such as:

  • Releases and Rescissions
  • Pre-Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure Releases
  • REO Sales

HOA Data Beyond the Lien

Looking for information on an HOA other than liens? First American has you covered with other HOA data options, which may include:

  • HOA Fee Type (s)
  • HOA Fee (value)
  • Property Location
  • HOA Name (s)
  • HOA Fee Frequency
  • HOA Contact (s)
  • HOA Contact Type
  • Contact (Name, Address, Phone & Email)